Many times Data Engineers get confused when exactly to use Window Functions and when they are propriate over aggregate functions? The main two cases for Window Functions would be following:

CASE statements in SQL very helpful when it comes to the problem where result depends on a specific condition that could be apply to column. CASE statement helps to create Derive column that means you will take existing columns and modify it. By using CASE statement it is the way…

What is Data Cleaning

Data cleaning is foundational skill to be a Data Scientist or Data Analyst. By definition, data cleaning is a process of cleaning up raw data to make it usable and ready for analysis. Following are most common cases when data cleaning need to be preformed.

Diving deep in the world of Big Data we always looking for better tools to explore , operate and modify data. Any tool we would like to use will come with some advantages and disadvantages during the programming process.It …

Ivan Zakharchuk

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